The Skill and Theory of Aiki-My personal View

The history of Aiki is long, however, it is not well described. Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei learned this from Sokaku Takeda Sensei of Daito-ryu Aiki Jiujitsu, which can be said that it was the first time for Aiki to be revealed and recognized widely. Though I myself have learned Aiki from many Grand Masters and trained for 50 years, still, it is difficult to express what it is by words.
O’Sensei has left his words in his calligraphies and one of them says “気のみわざ 赤白玉やますみ玉 合気のみちは小戸の神業”, which can be seen most frequently. I believe this Do-Ka must contain the ultimate secret of Aiki and show the way to reach it.

Aiki is a kind of technique that makes the opponents concentrate on one single point by the process of “simultaneous push and pull action”. Push and pull at the same time? I know it sounds contradictory, however, it is very important to make the opponents recognize the contradiction by using this conflicting action. The high concentration seems to make the opponents’ level of consciousness decrease and lead it into denatured one. Also, at the same time, Aiki takes their eyes, which could generate cognitive conflict inside of them.

Aiki tempts the opponents’ consciousness by “giving myself to you” action and make them recognize the contradictory motion. Those two interfering information would control their consciousness and make them confused, which could appear “frozen in panic” as a result. In this way, Aiki could be a very effective and practical measure to put the opponents under your control.
However, there are more commentary impossible phenomena. To reveal them one by one, we need to work out for Aiki disciplines. Through them, we have to find a locked space so that we can charge into the next step, namely the work of finding the key of the space.

在植芝盛平老师的遗墨中如下的诗歌出现最多,“気のみわざ 赤白玉やますみ玉合気のみちは小戸の神技”。武术的诗歌可能包含着很深奥的意义。

“合气”的根本原理是“推的动作”和“拉的动作”的同时进行的一连串动作,于是诱惑对手意识。“推且拉”或者“拉且推” 这些都可能是矛盾的想法,但从这个动作,叫对手认识矛盾。这个事很重要,并且我想只有这个动作可以产生球体。

如果这些两个情报一起干涉并且引诱对手的意识,对手可能发生混乱,全身不能动。音乐和舞蹈的反复动作也发生同样现象“变性意识状态”。但是“合气”仍然包含不能说明的许多要素。所以要更磨练“合气的技术”, 那些磨练使我们看出来被封印了的空间门,我们可以向下次的阶段前进。即是发现那空间门的钥匙。

Article written by President – Nobuo Maekawa Sensei