The club of MEIKAKU-KAI was founded in the year of 2000.
The society is for the studying the ancient combat skill, the Aiki-jiu-jitsu, predecessor of the modern sport Aikido, beside practising Aikdio.
The President and the Grand Master of the club is MAEKAWA, Nobuo shihan.

The word “MEIKAKU” which originates from the Chinese literature, indicates “cranes that are calling each other” – representing the symbol of brotherhood. “KAI” in Japanese means “society”.


The regular trainings of MEIKAKU-KAI are held in the head dojyo in Kyoto and in Okinawa, under the management of MAEKAWA shihan.
Later a new group has been formed in Korea, Seoul and a group has been formed in Hungary, Budapest too.

The club of MEIKAKU-KAI is registered in the International Society for Aikido, Aikikai, but together with Aikido, also has its intension to the study the ancient technique, the AIKI.